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That userpic got me a bit happier, but...

If you've recorded BSG and haven't watched it yet...

It is so much more devastating when you watch a show and get used to characters and think, they'll never kill this character, not forever anyway. I mean Daniel Jackson's died... what? three times? and comes back. Buffy? Twice that I saw. But I again thought they were going to kill Lee on BSG, but it was only a close call, again. I never saw the Billy angle coming. The President said he was the closest thing to family that she had left. You know, the worst part, the hardest part, to watch was seeing Roslin in the morgue. I can't imagine that that scene was hard to act devastated in, but from the acting I've done, I know that the method really hurts. It wasn't just Laura Roslin, it was Mary McDonnell, and both in real pain. Billy's been with us from the beginning. It hurt even more than when Dr. Janet Frasier was KIA on SG-1. She died off-screen, and the previews told you that someone was going to die. It's stupid, but for some reason, it's harder to deal with death when you don't see it coming. Like when my dad died, I never really had a chance to say goodbye. I know that losing someone close to you is never easy; it doesn't seem fair; it hurts like there's something that's been torn out of your soul, and you'll never be whole again. I don't know where I'm going with this, but I think I try not to deal with real deaths, and then something catalyzes me and I pour out like this, uncontrolable sadness and tears. I suppose it's best for me to get this stuff out. I'm a bottle of emotion, sometimes I guess I need to be emptied.
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