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I was going to write a long entry about how Christmas with the family went, and then the sad news of my uncle's passing, along with my recent illness and trip (rather stroll) to the ER last night, but every time I try to start I realize just how emotionally taxing it all is and how little I want to really... release all that is bottled up. I've talked about these things with some people, so it's not like I'm pent up. I know that if I write all about it now in one big purge, I'll be a wreck. So, baby steps. Everyone can ask me a question and I'll reply... a kind of dialogue that I haven't had with you, my friends, lately. I'm sorry I've been out of the loop. BTW, I started my new shift (1500-2330) this week, so the whole wacked out circadian rhythm thing is messing with me, too.
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