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Non-seq / Buffy / Pinkeye III / Pool / $$

What a Stupid Idea...
Non Sequitur


Oh, No! Track 15!
I was reading my Friends page. hhh_proprietor had listed her Current Music: Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Once more with feeling. I thought, wow, what a great idea. Pull up the Media Player and throw all the tracks in a playlist. Wait a minute. Where's #15. What's #15? "Something to Sing About" ? I'm missing it? Not on my backups? D'OH! Sigh. I'm sure someone I know has it. Nudge-nudge, wink-wink, Say no more! Well the rest of it it great, too.

Oooh, "Sweet's Song!" Yea, musical demon!


Pinkeye III: Die, Pinkeye, Die!
Ares seems to be completely recovered from his bout with conjunctivitis. Thank you all for your well-wishing.


Pool League
We had the first week of playoffs tonight. Instead of plaing for points and rounds, we play a non-handicapped race-to format. We race to 7, and our team #5 The Replacements, defeated #4 There's Hope 7-5. Hooray! Our Kelly even won her first two games. She's just burst out these last couple of weeks. We advance to the second round next week.


I got the paycheck for last week's work today. I'm not supposed to get it until Friday. Unexpected money is always welcome. I welcome, but do not expect, any money you might want to send my way. ;)


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Aug. 27th, 2004 09:21 am (UTC)

Although, it didn't have Kaylee from Firefly. That would have just been an insta-classic there.

If that happened, and by that I mean Jewel Staite, Allyson Hannigan and Emma Caulfield singing and dancing around, I believe I would not need the company of women anymore. I could just sit back, relax and never again worry about women who I could actually have.

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