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Job ops

Ok, so I've put myself prostrate before the job market yet again. I applied at Flower's work and at Cate's work. Some say I'm crazy to want a job. But as Charly put it to me, "Job's are great. I recommend them for everyone." You try being unemployed for nine months without enough money to actually do anything and see what kind of crazy you go. I'm glad I have my pool leagues.

Speaking of pool leagues... My Wednesday night team consists of Woody (ex-boyfriend, suspended for OWI and driving under suspension), Patti (surrogate mother, suspended for 2nd offense OWI), Chris (friend, suspended for OWI), and Miranda (me, active license but no gas money). Chris told be about his recent infraction by suggesting that we change the team name from Age & Treachery (as in ... wins out over youth & beauty every time) to We Can't Drive. It took me a minute.
Chris: We should change our Wednesday team name to We Can't Drive.
Me: (laugh) Yeah.
Kirsten (Thurs night team member): (confused look)
Me: (to K) Oh, well see Woody and Patti both have suspended... (to C) Wait a minute... you mean you... (C nods) Oh... shit.

I'm glad I quit drinking when I turned 21. Wow, I'm not a drinker, a smoker, a drug user. I'm not even on caffeine anymore. I'm not a prude, I just live like one. :P

So, what to do for the next 2 hours until I leave to get Patti. Hrm.

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