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OMG, I'm so out of it...

I thought I'd posted about what I did for my birthday, but I was just looking, and no, I didn't.

flower76 and j4jason took me out to see Serenity, which was.... incredible! I haven't the words to praise it. Joss is my master now. Afterward, we went to dinner at Olive Garden. We split the Tour of Italy and a sampler appetizer and another appetizer. It was all very yummy! And praise you both!!! They didn't tell anyone it was my birthday, so in addition to everything else, they spared me embarassment from the singing waitstaff. (Two other people were well-wished while we were there.) Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

WoW is down right now, so I'm gonna finally watch Donny Darko.
Tags: birthday, flower76, food, j4jason, serenity
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