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Update: I'm O-K

I know I haven't posted anything really since that depressing S.A.D. post. I'm doing better. Still not hired at work, and they haven't posted the positions, although I have put in an application. I heard a song last night with a bit about self-realization, and really listened to it. I need to make my life better, and that starts with me realizing that I must be the spinner of my fate. I do not want to simply measure it out or cut it. I must be my own Clotho, lest it be out of my hands. Shorter days and other problems be damned. I will make my life my own! I am worth more than I am settling for in life right now. I will raise the stakes and take a chance if it means being more in touch with where I want to go with my life!


Now that that's out there, entrenous, l@@k!! It's BoltBadger!
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