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Meme Tag

The rules to this meme, list 20 random facts about yourself then tag as many people as it takes minutes to write them down.


1. I hate going in public restrooms unless it's a private restroom.
2. I have 2 cats.
3. I want to move to Colorado.
4. I'm still not hired at Mercy.
5. I'm a World of Warcraft addict.
6. I found that new 7UP Plus is very yummy.
7. I like the Cure... a lot.
8. I like Johnny Depp... a lot.
9. I think that
10. I'm finding this meme a lot harder than I thought it would be.
11. I realize it's not 20 things people don't know about you.
12. I miss my dad.
13. I think that hockey is a silly sport, but I'm entranced by it when I see it.
14. I love pool.
15. I can't have children.
16. I subscribe to Discover magazine.
17. I love to watch the new Stargate, even without O'Neill (two l's).
18. I hate the RIAA.
19. I hate the MPAA.
20. I love the mp3.

5:37 - 4 minutes

*tags george_w_bush, j4jason, terram, and neaterbie, since none of them post very often*
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