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Shitty Shit

Sometimes you go through life not believing in people. Then one day, someone does something that makes you believe in people again, mostly believing in the hanging-them-up-by-their-testicles-and-skinning-them-alive part.

Today was such a day. P called me from the parking lot at Lowe's today. She'd taken her cue case with her to work, and had locked them in the truck when she went to look at windows and doors with a contractor-friend of hers. When she came out 90 minutes later, the door was wide open, and the case was gone. Someone jimmied the door and took off with her cues. She lost her Schon with its shaft, her antique Huebler Sneaky Pete, her new jump cue that she loves so much, and the new Predator Z shaft for the Schon. Along with the battered case, the cue ball, the bridge head, a new glove, and various other paraphenalia, worth around $3,000. Not that the antique can really be priced. It was priceless, especially to Patti, and likely irreplaceable.

I think Laura (from league) summed up how I felt, although I couldn't put it into words myself. "In-fucking-credible. I can't fucking believe that anyone would have the fucking nerve to fucking do that. Mother-fucker. Some people are such fucking assholes. I'm fucking sorry, P." Laura doesn't have Tourette's and she's not prone to excessive potty-mouth, so the F-carpet-bombing really showed her ire.

I think the worst part for P is the sentimental meaning of the cues. She's had the Schon and the Huebler for such a long time, and pool has been such a huge and meaningful part of her life. To have someone come along, and for whatever reason, just take that away... It's like when you lose all your family photos in a fire. It's the memories you connect to them that make them special to you, and it hurts when they're gone. This might be a bit worse, because it's really anyone's guess if they'll find them.

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