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OK Soda

I feel OK.I was looking at a stack of empty soda cans and thought, "I should build a little wall of cans, like jaka_talbot used to do. What was the name of that soda John used to bring down from MSP that she was so big on? Oh yeah, OK!" How long has it been since you've thought about this deceased child of Coca-Cola? It brings back such good memories. The infanticidal marketing execs at Coke said that 1 million cases in eight test markets weren't enough to continue the brand. That's not OK. jaka_talbot, I have hope for you. I haven't tried it, but hope that it will work OK. There's a Virtual OK Soda recipe online. This guy's site: THE OK SODA PAGE has a lot of info and nostalgia about it. Just thought I'd give you a little memory of the good times. Remember, I also said, "It's OK," when I first tried it, and it grew on me. :)
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