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Road Trip: By the Numbers

Total Distance Traveled:
 61146.2 (end)
-59317.0 (start)
  1829.2 miles

Cost = Quantity of Gas @ Location:
$ 15.94 =  6.405 gal @ Eddy's, Council Bluffs, IA
$ 18.93 =  7.399 gal @ Flying J Travel Plaza, N. Platte, NE
$ 21.72 =  8.555 gal @ BP, Castle Rock, CO
$ 13.69 =  5.268 gal @ Loaf N Jug, Ft. Morgan, CO
$ 10.01 =  3.338 gal @ Brady One Stop, Brady, NE *
$ 18.58 =  7.014 gal @ Airport Amoco, Lincoln, NE
$ 21.37 =  8.550 gal @ Mel's Holiday Foods (Conoco), N. Liberty, IA
$120.24 = 46.529 gal

Average Price of Gas: $2.584/gal
Average Fuel Economy: 39.313 mpg
Average Mile Economy: 6.573¢/mile

I was hoping for 40mpg average and $2.40/gal the week before, and prices went up just before I left, so the cost was a little raised. Fuel economy was pretty close to right on. I did run the A/C a lot on the IA leg uphill and the NE/IA leg downhill, so overall, pretty good.

*Never stop at the Brady One Stop. Ever. $2.999/gal. No signs until you get to the pump. No Vaseline included.

Oh, and for all the ecologists out there, I did my own calculations on the amount of CO2 I put into the atmosphere.
I used 10% Ethanol Blend every time, as I always do. I did some research on the web and found that gasoline doesn't have a set chemical structure, as the number of C and H atoms falls in a range. I used C8H18 as an average. Simple molecular weight is 8*12+18*1=114 with 8*12=96 or about 84.2% C by weight. Ethanol is C2H5OH. Weight is 2*12+6*1+16=46 with 2*12=24 or about 52.2% C by weight. Densities of gas and ethanol are 42.5 and 49.3 lb/ft3, respectively. Multiply each by the percentage C by weight and the C density of each is 35.8 and 25.7 lb/ft3. 1 ft3=7.481 gal, so divide the densities of C by weight and get 4.785 and 3.435 lb/gal. Take 90%*4.785+10%*3.435=4.65 lb of C/gal of 10% ethanol blend (E10). 1 lb of C makes (12+2*16)/12=3.66667 lb of CO2. So 1 gal E10 makes 17.05 lb CO2. So I put 46.529 gal*17.05=793.3 lb CO2 in the air for my trip. 0.4 tons. :P Sorry, Mother Earth. I wish I could afford to use more efficient means.

More about the actual trip coming soon!
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