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Wet Fun!

Me at N Platte RiverWell, I made it safe and sound (of body, anyway... it was 13½ hours, so my mind was fried) to Colorado. On Saturday, histrygrrl took me up to Woodland Park, and the North Platte River (seen at left). We were going to go up to Pike's Peak, but lamely, we were both still very tired and went back to her apartment. We did see Pike's Peak, and it looked very tall. Perhaps it is that she's lived in the mountains for so long and simply takes them for granite... ;}

Last night, we watched "Serenity" and "Objects in Space" from Firefly.

Today, and at this very moment, we are visiting jaka_talbot and klaus_weg and their 12-day-old Sebastian who as yet has no LJ. He is so tiny! I'm attemping to make a scarf for him that he can wear a bit later in the year and maybe the next winter.
Tags: baby, colorado, crocheting, firefly, friends, histrygrrl, jaka_talbot, klaus_weg, road trip
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