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Packing and Pic'ing

darkfire007From darkfire007 thru kittenbreak, I present:

God's icon. (You may proceed to LYAO)

On my note, I'm packing to go to Coloardo to visit many old friends and one new one (fer sure). I asked flower76 and she thought I should bring all my DDR stuff, including my stage, because "it is impressive." :)

I'm bringing my fangs, since I'm sure histrygrrl will make me play Vampire. ;Σ

I'm trying to figure out which clothes to take.

Okay, I need an '80's-Style Packing for Road-Trip Montage! (Okay, maybe with a little modern-DJ-twist ;)
Tags: colorado, ddr, friends, histrygrrl, itg, road trip, userpix, vampires
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