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Deer / Willow / More Deer / Pinkeye Update

Deer: Part I
Patti made a bowl of marinading venison on Thursday for me to have this weekend. I made it today. Put it on the grill and it was really yummy. The wine marinade takes a lot of the gaminess out of the meat, so it's even less chewy than a good grade of beef steak.


I visited Willow (Mary) tonight. I saw the kitten (prev post) and got to hang out and catch up. Carma is even more adorable in person. We watched "Big Brother 5" and ate Chinese take-out (also yummy). I showed her the select-play-select-9-select code for the clock on her TiVo, which she thought was very cool.


Deer: Part II
Almost hit a doe bigger than my car tonight on the way home. I was coming up the hill out of North Liberty and just dimmed my lights for the asshole coming down the hill. They were an asshole because they didn't dim their lights until they were about 20 yards away, after I'd almost been killed by the uber-doe which I would have seen sooner if the dumbass— sorry, asshole— had dimmed their lights when they'd topped the hill. See deer are fascinated by bright lights. The doe was looking up the hill at the asshole's lights, so I couldn't see its reflective eyes because it was looking the wrong way! I swerved a little within my own lane while slamming on the brakes, honking my horn at the same time (I don't even remember how I managed this). The deer had the sense to run away from all the scary noise instead of toward it. My leftover moo goo gai pan, my purse and various loose items flew to the floor. Luckily the Chinese didn't burst open or leak out, and nothing was broken. The deer got away, I got away, and the asshole got away (unless the goddess of poetic justice smote them with a deer from above, muahaha!).


Pinkeye Update
(backstory) Ares' pinkeye seems to be clearing up. His eye is still a little puffy and crusty, but he doesn't seem to be having as much of a problem as before, and the drops don't bother his as much either. Also, he didn't bite me or claw me. He's sleeping on my bed right now next to Spot. I think I'll join them. Thanks to everyone who puts out the healing energy.

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