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One of those days

Well, this one of those days started about, um, late Sunday night, it now being late Wednesday night. I stayed up late (read 4:30-ish) Sun and Mon nights, was very tired and ass-draggy at work Mon and Tue. I've been reading my HP6, and loving it so much. Still not finished. Yesterday afternoon, I came home, crawled up the stairs and collapsed into bed for about an hour. Patti got me to come down for some pool, but I was all "How did I get here?" and so she said I should go back to sleep. I slept from about 6:30pm until about 6:10am. It goes without saying (but I'll say it for anterastilis), I felt much better this morning. I get to work, and they still haven't installed the new computer they said would be installed by sometime Tue at the latest, the printer is out of toner and the supply room has no more cartridges to fit this printer. So, every time I need to print something, it's a run up through the film room and CIS to the other printer, collate, staple, and bring back to the file room. Gr. Around 11am, the computer arrives, and it takes about 30 minutes to get it installed and set up. Everything works fine, but where are the speakers? "Oh, there's one inside [the computer case]." Oh, okay. Well, not really. LaunchCast sounds like it's coming out of a very small tin can. I can live with it. I'll bring a pair of speakers or headphones from home. *shrug* Whatever (that's for morgaine723). The rest of the day passes pretty uneventfully. I did all my pre-printing for the next day's list, collated, stapled, etc, up front (which is a very un-ergonomic place). I get back, and the printer toner cartridge for our printer came in. *sigh* Well, off to Midas for oil-change and A/C recharge. I decided to get the maintenance package thingy, since I'm going to be driving up and down mountains, and the infrared dye for the A/C charge so they can find the slow leak next time. Expecting $150. Run to JoAnn's to get knitting and crochet kits for me and morgaine723, respectively (even though we both know I just disrespected the English language). I found this sheer fabric in a clearance bin marked as a 30yd 60" bolt for $9.99. What luck! I could do my room with this! Oh, it's $9.99/yd. Nevermind, I should have known it was too good to be true. Back to Midas. They checked my air filter and it's filthy; it should have been replaced a couple of oil changes ago. Ok, it's a good idea to have a clean air filter when you're at about 8psi instead of 15. Also the serpentine and A/C compressor belts are cracked and could break any time. Ok, it's not a good idea to have any part of you car break when on a mountain. I said, "Something about a 3000ft drop-off on a curvy road with no guardrail makes me want to get that fixed." (wink to redhook6) So, $300. So much for driving being cheaper. I go straight to pool league and my average is ruined with 4 losses. Not due to really much of anything I did wrong as much as what my opponents did right. *sigh* So I get home and read that I missed the entire jaka_talbot having her baby thing (here and here). Well, it's midnight now and the day where nothing went terribly wrong, but nothing really went right is officially over... as long as LJ doesn't go all maintenance on my post's ass and lose this entry.

PS: I also for to take my meds last night.

PPS: And 4 edits later, I think I got all the tags right...
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