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Rocky Mountain High Cost of Travel

I looked at my finances, and I should be able to swing going out to Colorado from the 19th to the 28th. Well, I'd leave from work on the 19th and get there early morning on the 20th. Yahoo! Maps says it is around a 12 hour drive, but I gain an hour going. :) I checked out flights online and the cheapest I could find was around $300 round-trip if I drove to Moline for departure. I figured out that I can probably drive there and back for around $125 round-trip. I'm in need of an oil change anyway (~$25), so I'd get one before I leave, and figuring an average cost of gas around $2.40/gal ($2.30 here and $2.50 there, high prices for regular), and around 40mpg for Tinkerbelle the Metro, over 820 miles one-way gives me about $50 each way (probably more on the way and less on the way back, due to it being a bit of a change in elevation). So, about $125. I can use the othe $175 to splurge on fun stuff with my dear friends and presents for my new li'l brother (or sister, but I'm almost positive it's a boy). I won't get paid for the time I'm gone :( so I need to make sure I have a place to crash while I'm there. :) I requested the time off via email this afternoon and my manager should be back tomorrow to okay it. The only other person taking time off that week is her, so it shouldn't be a problem. I'm going to Colorado! I'm really going to go!! Yay!!!
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