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Friday Fiver - Gonna make you sweat!

1. Do you play any sports?
If you can drink beer while playing, it's not a sport. So pool: not a sport; DDR/ITG: possibly a sport.

2. Do you exercise on a regular basis?
Yes. I try to DDR/ITG at least twice a week for however long it takes me to collapse.

3. Name one person that raises your blood pressure:
Draco Malfoy. (I have not finished Book 6, so don't go there!)

4. You need to go up two floors in a building: do you use the stairs or the elevator?
Well, that depends on if I'm pushing a cart full of charts, now doesn't it? If unencumbered, I will take the stairs if they are available.

5. One thing that makes you go "Hmmmmm"?
"Frozen" by Madonna. I love that song. :)
Tags: ddr, friday fiver, itg, pool
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