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Quick update

I have another new game, In the Groove, which is exactly the same as but totally unlike DDR. Has more mods, like this one where some arrows go up and some go down, another where they spin around, mines, add in taps, etc. Great graphics and lets you put is up to 4 chars for high scores. I need to fix my stage again. If you stand on ←+→, it sets off the Start button; should be quick. Oh, and I've been dancing barefoot on the metal stage; no blood yet. ;)

I'm addicted to WoW at the expense of sleep. zzzz-|\

Really looking forward to game day today. And pizza! (w00t!) 8D

Sci-Fi is running their Get in the Gate Sweepstakes again. This time the prize is walk on roles in both Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, along with meeting the casts and crews for both shows. Yeah, that means Ben Browder and Claudia Black. :) If one of you enters and wins because I told you about it, I'm gonna send you to P3X-451. Look it up if you don't know. >;)

I still haven't been hired at work. Director says it's in the works, but needs final approval by the budget board or whatever. Didn't the 2006 fiscal year start a month ago? ~:\

Pool league has started again and I don't have time to complain about everything with that. Patti and I are playing Weds. at First Avenue Club next to the Wendy's in IC. It's a tuh-hun better than RT's. They should condemn RT's. The only reason that they don't have roaches there is that what food they have is barely edible and it's too dirty and gross for even roaches. :6

Gotta go fix the stage. See ya if yer going.
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