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Friday Fiver: Wedding Crashers

1. How many weddings have you attended?
Linda and Murray, Charly and John, Mark and Mindy, Glen and Renae, Sara and her now ex-husband, Brittney and Drew... 5 I can think of. Oh, Izzy and Renee's commitment ceremony.

2. Wedding registries: buy from the list or freestyle it?
Registry. That's why they put themselves on the registry: so they don't end up with 20 Pizza Pizzazzes.

3. Are you more likely to slow dance or participate in the chicken dance?
Safety Dance!

4. The garter find/toss experience: cute or tacky?
So tacky it's cute.

5. If you could marry someone famous, who would it be?
You all know this one, but we have to get rid of his French wife first. Or we'll all move to Utah.
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