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Friday the 13th / PotD SotD RotD / Kitten

Friday the 13th: Part II

The other day, I heard on the radio (yes, the radio in my car again; I drive a lot) about this guy in Romania who was so triskaidekaphobic that he wouldn't leave his house on this Friday the 13th was killed by a wasp that stung him in his kitchen. Poor guy, but sweet irony. Full story here.


Plug of the Day / Site of the Day / Rant of the Day
I've gone back to Canada again, but only online. I went to canadapharmacy.com to check out the prices, and ended up getting my two Rx's for US$49.99 (including S&H). These are 100 day supplies of the same drugs I'm getting 30 days of at the local Walgreen's for about $50. I hate it that the FDA is trying to scare people into thinking that these pharmacies are substandard or that the drugs don't meet American requirements for purity and labeling. They're the same drugs (in the original manufacturers containers) as the ones my local pharmacy dispenses, and if anything, the pharmacies for Canada are more strict than the American ones. I even had to fill out a medical history and fax ID. No one in America ever asked for ID unless I was writing a check. Poopy lobbyists and their Congressional dogs are trying to block this service from being available to us. If my Rx's are only $50 a month and I can save 60%+, imagine the people who really need this: retirees or SSI people who have hundreds of dollars a month in medication and a fixed (or even decreasing, with inflation) incomes. America pisses me off sometimes.


Forgive Me
Now that everyone is angry with me for exercising my First Amendment rights in the previous post, look at my friend Mary's new kitten!

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